Lifecycles Urban Agriculture Hub

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LifeCycles Urban Agriculture Hub (UAHub), is an interactive, community-driven online tool kit to help you with all your backyard/urban/rural agriculture and biodiversity projects.

On this site you’ll find:

  • Forums where you can ask questions and connect to LifeCycles’ Urban Agriculture team, community members and local experts. You can also post gardening advice, swap tools, seeds or other materials!

  • Resource pages featuring videos, podcasts and articles on a range of topics from starting your own garden to taking care of your chickens; from native plants to energy conservation

  • Community-updatable Calendar which connects you to important workshops and events

  • Directory of organizations, community groups and businesses to help you access or grow healthy food, or complete community-based or backyard projects

Through your participation and support LifeCycles UAHub builds networks of community members, organizations, groups and municipalities working on food security. Together we can grow strong, healthy communities and ecosystems.

The Latest in Urban Agriculture

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